Outlook Essentials – Managing Outlook and Acting On Purpose

by Tod on January 16, 2015

The “Outlook Essentials – Acting On Purpose” Workshop

Let me show you how to measurably increase your productivity and reduce work stress.
Invest 4 hours*- and by doing so, you will learn how to:

  • Increase your work efficiency 15% — 35%
  • Save 5 hours a week in your schedule and devote that time to what’s important to you
  • Leave work guilt-free at the end of a day
  • Simply get more done in less time

4 hours = 2 hours small group, followed by 1 hour individual attention, then 1 hour group follow-up


“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all this before.”

Well, no, you have not heard this before. At least you’ve not heard what I am about to offer you in the   “Outlook Essentials – Acting On Purpose” program.


Achieve Career Sustainability   (very good, but perhaps not quite enough)
I’m a career management coach and a work performance consultant. I offer programs and competencies built on a foundation of 30 years of professional experience. Currently, I provide a suite of 6 programs offered under the title, Achieve Career Sustainability™. These programs assist working professionals in more productively achieving their business, strategic and personal goals by measurably increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their revenue-generating/mission critical skills and competencies.


Redirection – “Great programs, yes, but not right now, I’m too busy.”
Certainly, everyone who has read about the Achieve Career Sustainability programs would say they are essential, appropriate and needed.      However, some working professionals, upon review of my programs, had said, “These are great … in fact, they offer just what I need … but, I can’t do it because:

  • Right now, I am just too busy”
  • “There is no emergency at this time”
  • “I will call you in two weeks when my urgent matters are handled.”

The truth is, the urgency of work never goes away, it just gets pushed further and further out. And for most of us, the challenge of being “too busy” is only going to get worse.


Now you can, and here is how – “Outlook Essentials – Acting On Purpose”

“Outlook Essentials – Acting On Purpose” provides the feeling, knowledge, and reality that:

  • Your work is flowing smoothly
  • Workday chaos is a thing of the past
  • Your goals are clear and attainable
  • Your career is developing just the way you want it to go

This program is not just another seminar or webinar training on how to use Microsoft Outlook. It’s more about how to combine Microsoft Outlook with a set of easy-to-use principles that will get your workday under control. It presents a complete step-by-step system, allowing you to get ahead of your urgent commitments and helps you feel much less stressed about your busy day. Its main focus is on your To-Do or Task List and how you achieve completion and results. It establishes and then builds on these foundational strategies so you can better control activities, create opportunities and manage yourself in Outlook.   It utilizes some powerful, newly developed time and task management principles.


It’s easy – you already have the software and skills you need.   You’re missing one thing.
You are missing the cutting edge methods, tips, techniques and support necessary to regain control of your daily actions and set apart the time you need to create and implement meaningful business and personal objectives.
And these I provide for you.  We work together, right on your computer, using screen sharing software.


Here’s how we go forward
You provide one of these versions of Microsoft Outlook:

  • Microsoft Outlook   2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013

You employ the skills you’ve already mastered:

  • You know how to focus
  • You know how to write things down
  • You know how to decide on outcomes

I provide:

  • Hands-on customization of Outlook to fit your specific position and responsibilities
  • Highly personalized attention – groups are small (2-5 people)
  • Training can be done by Webinar or In-Person Training
  • Reference materials are provided containing current and advanced lessons
  • “Acting On Purpose” Productivity Binder
  • Activities Notebook – The Core Collection Point


You get to choose
The “Outlook Essentials – Acting On Purpose” program is available on 3 levels.
1. The “Outlook Essentials – Acting On Purpose” 4 Hour Training
2. The “Outlook Essentials – Acting On Purpose” 1 Month Mastery Program
3. The “Outlook Essentials – Acting On Purpose” Mastery Program coupled with one of these “Achieve Career Sustainability”™ components:

  • Get Clients Now! ™
  • The Resourceful Rainmaker™
  • Constant Contact®
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • The Key Person Program — From Good to Excellent™
  • The Career Red Zone™
  • Career Management


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