Achieve Career Sustainability™

by Tod on January 16, 2015

You are confronted with a work performance or career challenge and you want to resolve it.

Your challenges and their solutions are unique to you.  You may be:

  • Well employed – seeking greater benefits by enhancing competencies/career sustainability
  • Employed but concerned – seeking to strengthen performance/position and clarify options
  • Unemployed working professional looking for results-oriented options and opportunities

Career Management and Work Performance Made Simple

So how do other working professionals with whom you affiliate and compete for positions and promotions manage to sustain their careers and work performance.  Ask any successful working professional in your field this question and you will probably hear:  “Education.”   “Add value.”  “Being known, liked and trusted.”   “Working hard and smart.”  “Networking.” “Ability to work virtually.”  “Power of social media.” “Plan your work/work your plan.”

It is simple and basic and you probably knew it already.  So why are you confronted with a work performance or career challenge?  Maybe:

  • You can’t decide what to do first.  You are already busy and things may be happening outside your control in ways that make you feel overwhelmed.  You probably know what to do but there are so many choices to make, and you want to make sure that you are doing it right.  So you worry about how best to spend your time and money. You try this and then try that.  You worry, slow down and maybe, stop for a while.  You may even experience analysis paralysis and just do nothing.
  • You confused about how to put the pieces together.   You may think you know what many of the pieces are, but wonder if reading that book or working on your social media sites will be better.  Maybe it’s time to participate more with your professional associations, but what about following up with the networking contacts you’ve already acquired. You wonder if all of the networking will pay off. Maybe some time spent on the internet job boards or direct contact could be the way to go.  You don’t have a system, a program or a plan.
  • It is difficult to remain motivated.   Even when you know exactly what you need to do, you may not be doing it.   Most of us are at our best where there is an outside “accountability” resource.   When we try to figure it out all by ourselves, it’s too easy to lose our commitment to action.  When you don’t see immediate results, you get discouraged.  When someone is critical of your work performance or background, it’s hard not to take it personally.    It’s so tempting just to wait for “things to improve,” or to blame your lack of success on a bad economy or workforce globalization or the time of year.

The Solution

Achieve Career Sustainability™ is the centerpiece program of a suite of career management and work performance programs that are proven, results-oriented, and highly customizable. All of these programs are offered exclusively through Accord Career Services LLC.  These programs assist individuals, like you, the working professional and your organization achieve personal, business and strategic goals.  This is done by measurably increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of revenue-generating/mission-critical skills and competencies.  These programs often focus on the “key performers”  .. those contributing, high-potential, hard-to-replace individuals most responsible – and necessary – for both short and long-term success.

The 3-part, interdependent program, Achieve Career Sustainability,™  establishes the basis for these programs:

  • The Career Red Zone™ – Acting On Purpose
  • The Key Person Program – From Good to Excellent™
  • Get Clients Now! ™
  • Get Hired Now! ™
  • The Resourceful Rainmaker™
  • Achieve Career Sustainability™ Workshops: Personal 2020 Productivity Plan.. Circle of Excellence .. Aladdin Factor/The Power of Asking

 A Great Program Plus Professional Coaching Makes the Difference

I provide you with career management and performance coaching that is process and system driven — geared to assist you in moving directly and efficiently from Point A to point B. Of course, quality listening, appropriate problem solving and conceptual frameworks are a vital part of the process of facilitating understanding and gaining personal commitments to goals and objectives.   Achieving outcomes begins by focusing on current and future goals and objectives. Once these goals are defined, the question you need to ask yourself now becomes “What can the individual do better or differently to achieve these goals and objectives?”

Career management and performance consulting can draw upon and integrate many actions. These include one-on-one “just in time”  coaching, training, behavioral assessments, work environment aids, stress management, accountability coaching, virtual team development, benchmarking, rapport skills, goal setting, and time management. Appropriate components are all tailored to an individualized program package to assure highest results and ROI.

Accountability:  You will now have a trained professional coach to whom you are accountable – rather than trying to make sense of the project by yourself.  I will be in regular contact with you to discuss steps you have taken and to help you determine what comes next.

Perspective:  Now you get a different point of view on your progress and challenges.  Just hearing your problem restated by another person can give you insight that will help you find a solution.  When you are feeling bad because you have not progressed to reach your goal it’s important to have someone point out that you are in fact making progress toward your ultimate goal.

Support:  It’s reassuring to have a mentor to whom you can express your concerns.  You now have a person who is committed to helping you move forward toward your goal.  If you are up against a roadblock, venting your frustration about it can create the impetus for you to get back on track.  Having someone to share your success helps to reinforce your confidence and that you can do it!


Consider This

We are caught up in a time of great changes happening everywhere.  Globalization, mergers and acquisitions, technology, and other factors are continually altering and impacting our work environment.   One moment they are up, and then down.  However, unlike other big challenges presented to us like the climate, the economy, and national security – the management of our individual jobs/careers is something that is in the control of each and every one of us.

 What’s So   …    First, the Good News

In our economy, there will always be jobs.  There will be teachers, scientists, government employees, skilled workers, sanitation workers, administrative support and other essential positions.   At the moment, the U.S. economy is the strongest in the world.  There is and will continue to be employment.   We can trust that the foundational methods by which we acquire, maintain and excel in our jobs … by acquiring education, updating resumes, continually networking and improving our personal resilience … the pursuit of work will remain fundamentally the same for many people.
However, as just stated — changes – big changes – as to how we acquire and maintain employment are occurring right now. For better or worse, you are affected and involved in these changes.   In order to survive, and I trust, thrive, in this new economy, we can benefit by taking on an attitude and commitment of “achieving career sustainability.”

Confronting the Changes – “Average is over”

You’ve followed the conversations on jobs and the economy.   However, you’ve now come to the conclusion that it’s personal.  It’s about your job and your quality of life and those who are close to you.   In your heart, you know that regarding your work performance, average is over.  In order for you to achieve career sustainability over the next 5, 10 or 20 years, you must improve your abilities to better manage your career and work performance.  No one is going to do it for you.  It’s up to you!

What We See, Hear and Feel Is Happening

We share concerns that:

  • More qualified people are competing against you for fewer good jobs
  • Mergers, reorganizations, new technologies, and changes can eliminate your job at any time
  • Good, smart, educated people are out of work for longer and longer periods of time
  • Traditional ways of getting a job and staying employed are very important yet not enough
  • You need more current and effective strategies to secure a position and stay competitive
  • Your earning power/job security is based on the value you contribute
  • To stay employed you must stand out
  • The future of work is now personal
  • The “brand” is you
  • No one is going to pay you for just having a degree
  • The only constant is change

Even Though the Work Environment Changes, the Benefits We Seek Stay the Same

Even as the work and employment environment erodes for many, your core motivations and quality of life expectations remain steady.    Abraham Maslow addressed the elemental issues that motivate us.  At the base of his pyramid, you recall he positioned the motivators of survival and safety, which he then followed with relationship, community and esteem. At the top of the pyramid is “personal calling.”

Most of us share and expect one or more of these benefits:

  • Being assured of sustaining your role as a “Key Person” and your due rewards and recognition
  • Capitalizing on the big investment that’s been made in your career up to this point
  • Resolving the current challenge, threat, issue, or opportunity you now confront
  • Knowing that your job matters .. that you make a contribution .. you  make a difference
  • Being deservedly recognized for “job well done” with recognition to your “value proposition”

The Next Step

The Achieve Career Sustainability™ program is developed for you to survive and thrive in today’s challenging job markets.  It builds vital skills and competencies for all professional service providers in the areas of business sustainability and client development.  The program works with you in 28-day cycles every step of the way.  Whether you are a professional marketing your services or you have business development responsibilities for your organization, this program will provide you with a proven system for developing and sustaining that business as well as acquiring and maintaining satisfied clients.

The Achieve Career Sustainability™ Program

In today’s competitive and volatile job market, I offer this integrated set of programs under the heading of, Achieve Career Sustainability™.   These complementary sets of programs concentrate on three areas vital to developing and sustaining a career:

1. The Career Red Zone™ – Acting on Purpose

  • The Plan-As-You-Go  Outcome Management
  • Knowing what you want
  • Linking performance with the strategic plan

2. From Good to Excellent™ –Work Performance/Talent Management

  • The Key Person Program – From Good to Excellent™
  • SCORE: The 90-Day Achievement Cycle
  • Executive Development

3. The Resourceful Rainmaker™ – Building Know, Like and Trust

  • Get Clients Now™
  • Constant Contact
  • Outlook Essentials – Acting On Purpose

These integrated and powerful programs greatly increase your ability to establish organization, be more efficient and produce greater results in your career, work performance, and life.  In today’s world, yesterday’s methods still must be performed, but to be truly competitive and achieve career sustainability you need more.  These programs are  here and available to you now.  Please contact me.


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