About The Principal, Tod Gerardo

Tod Gerardo, M.S.

I established Accord Career Services LLC in 1980 and offer over 3 decades of successful, continuous development and delivery of performance coaching, executive development, career management, and career transition programs.      I have coached and counseled extensively with individuals and small groups who share my commitment and focus on effectively integrating business goals and human performance.


I have demonstrated a long term, deep passion and interest in delivering highly customizable programs that work with an organization’s identifiable, mission-critical/revenue-generating performers — their “Key People.”    Management may see a “Key Person” as a  “contributing, high-potential, hard-to-replace individual, who is most responsible — and necessary — for both that organizations short- and long-term success.”

A key person would perceive him or herself as, “…a producer, leader, motivator, project manager, and/or facilitator of staff and work…” Either way, it is vital that all parts work together to develop and maintain a mutually productive, win-win match between the Key Person, who thrives on meeting challenging objectives and receiving rewards, and the organization itself, that thrives on achieving strategic goals.

I offer a depth of experience working with the principal leaders and key employees of those organizations that  are seeking controlled and effective operational growth, appropriate market exposure, and the best utilization of existing talent all the while maintaining internal balance and equilibrium.


I possess, and upon request would make available,  an extensive network  “just-in-time” personal and professional resources that can assist growing organizations fulfill their commitments and achieve their strategic and business goals and objectives.

Education and Training

Academically, I have continuously sought to balance the skills of coaching and counseling with the pragmatic needs and applications of human resource management.  I earned an MS degree in Human Resource Management from Rensselaer at Hartford where I was able to flexibly integrate coursework from both areas. I received my undergraduate degree from Boston University. I completed a two year program focused on personal and professional coaching at The NLP Center of New York where I acquired practitioner and master level certifications.