Services for Individuals

When Your Career is Off-track

You know who you are.
You are a “Key Person.” You are part of a special breed who really contributes to an organization’s success.

You are by definition:
“A producer, leader, motivator, project manager, and/or facilitator of staff and work … someone who consistently is able to achieve within your area of expertise.”
Still, a “Key Person”, like you — sometimes might find your career side-tracked.

Personal reasons and concerns:

  • You realize you’ve lost sight of where you are and where you were headed.
  • You sense that your career path is blocked.
  • You feel under-appreciated for your various contributions.

Global reasons and concerns:

  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Layoffs
  • Career Obsolescence
  • Globalization
  • Off-Shoring
  • Reorganizations

Your Action Is Needed

Either way, you have a career problem that demands a solution — for many reasons:

  • Your direct report may not be able to help.
  • The organization you work for cannot be of assistance to you with this issue.

It is up to you, and you alone, to do something about it.

I Can Provide All the Professional Assistance You Need

I can help.    I am a  professional.      I am experienced.

For more that 3 decades, I have been the employment and career professional whom you can count on for the knowledge, support, action and results that you seek and require.

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of individuals.   Individuals like you, each was experiencing some work related challenges or imminent change in their lives. They also had concerns about how to best respond to them.
In working with me,  they were able to achieve and realize:

  • Clarity about what they wanted and the objectives they must achieve.
  • Effectiveness in the process of achieving those objectives.
  • Satisfaction at what they are doing.
  • Happiness at where they are doing it.

And I can do this for you through our well-tested, time-proven programs in the areas of:

  • Career Management
  • Career Development
  • Vocational Counseling

What I Do: Career and Employment Coaching

Solid Career Coaching is matched to the needs and objectives of each individual. Everyone’s path is slightly different, however, common objectives might include:

  • Acquiring a new job.
  • Pursuing and getting a promotion.
  • Exploring and moving into an entirely new career field.
  • Establishing more balance between life inside and outside of work.
  • Leaving corporate life to enter into one’s own business.

Done well, career coaching is a process that is based on sound decision-making and the acquisition of appropriate information typically acquired through relevant career and vocational testing.

In this process I acquire:

  • Information about you – values, competencies, personality type, etc.
  • Information about the world of work and the interests you hold.
  • Integrating these two areas of information is the basis of the decision making that results in new career goals and objectives.

The Second Step that completes the program is Employment Coaching. Now you and I are concerned with establishing your plan of action and then, together, following through on the program to its successful conclusion.

  • These employment coaching activities may include:
  • Document writing – resumes .. cover letters .. job descriptions.
  • Uncovering job leads.
  • Preparing for interviews.
  • Developing competence in Negotiating for your new position.