What I Do For You

If we can all agree  on the truth that….

  • You, the key person,  thrives on meeting objectives and receiving rewards.
  • The  organization thrives on achieving strategic goals.
  • It measurably benefits all parties to develop and maintain a mutually productive, win-win match between the key person, their work objectives and the organization.

Then together we can take the steps to…

  • Tap into and enhance the performance strengths already existing in the organization and its better performers.
  • Assist high performing/high potential employees to become even more productive.
  • Improve performance such that the results are measurable on the P&L.
  • Increase retention, morale and sense of team.
  • Improve company image.

And realize the benefits of …

  • Performance improvement
  • Leader’s vision on-track
  • Job stress decreased
  • Strengths effectively used
  • Ability to influence increased
  • Attitude improved
  • Commitment increased
  • Job satisfaction improved
  • Job security enhanced
  • Strategies for success
  • Confidence renewed
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Time used more efficiently
  • Competitive advantage
  • Peace of mind enhanced
  • Recognition received
  • Knowledge/expertise increased
  • Decision-making strategies
  • Communications improved
  • Problem solving improved

While resolving these common challenges that sabotage internal performance programs…

  • A manager may be lacking developed skills, interests, and coaching competencies necessary to fulfill on an effective development program with high performers.
  • Individual participants may be more open and honest with an “outsider,” a professional who brings forth a more objective opinion.
  • Some steps in the process are involved with administering and interpreting sophisticated diagnostic assessments — steps that may be charged with emotion and better addressed by a trained individual.
  • A manager may be lacking familiarity key performance tools of benchmarking, accountability coaching, and soft-skills development — just to name a few.Time can be an issue — a sustained program requires periodic meetings over weeks/months, advanced preparation, and frequent evaluations with course corrections.