Are We A Good Match

One Good Organizational Profile Match…

I work most effectively with organizations whose competitive advantage is heavily influenced by the competence, cohesiveness and drive of its recognizable, individual performers … its “key” management, people and related staff.

Additionally, these competitors often:

  • have nearly the same technology, location and target markets.
  • have products and/or services that are highly similar or even exactly the same.

Ideal Clients Typically Are:

  • Service/Professional organizations: law.. architecture .. accounting .. engineering .. healthcare/medicine.
  • Technology Companies: Venture Capital Firms/Related Funding Sources .. Sources of Business Assistance .. M&A.
  • Owners/Senior Decision-Makers whose personal performance and compensation is impacted by the performance results of their direct reports/key people.
  • Managers who have been tolerating a “performance gap” and experience personal disappointment between the actual and expected performance for their better employees.
  • Organizations that are committed to accelerated growth due to venture funding objectives.
  • The organization’s commitment to developing and maintaining an improved “coachable” culture.
  • Organizations dealing with succession issues regarding key promotions or retirements.
  • Organizations that are faced with immediate change in performance requirements and/or changes where performance results and retention is key — examples: merger/acquisition .. big marketing/sales effort.
  • Managers who do not want to repeat the mistake of losing a valued, key person — someone who walked away with valuable knowledge and experience — and worse — perhaps went to work for a competitor.