What Makes Me Different

What makes me different is …

  • I am seasoned, experienced, and highly qualified.
  • I am the exclusive provider  of  “The Accord Key Person Program — From Good to Excellent.”
  • I believe that sound, professional Career Management is fundamental to one’s personal happiness, sense of fulfillment, quality of life and job security.
  • I offer  exceptional experience working with entrepreneurial businesses “on the growth curve.”
  • I firmly believe that high performing individuals are fundamentally inspired to achieve and produce results — one just needs the ways and means.
  • I relate to your top performers as an investment made by the business owners from which you should expect to see a return that is evident on the P&L.

I am different because…

  • I  partner with  you and management, as a member of the business team, and work directly to enhance performance.
  • I work with a few, select clients at any one time.
  • I  seek to remain a small, personalized advisory organization— these qualities allow me  to learn about each clients business at depth and with to serve them over time in successful ways.

Together, we will:

  • Confirm and crystallize your organization’s human performance goals.
  • Create an effective performance strategy and put it to work.
  • Get everyone pulling in the same direction.
  • Have each participant be focused on the specific business needs and results they are responsible for achieving.
  • Address and correct performance problems and issues … once and for all.
  • Get each Key Person the appropriate tools, training and other resources they need to perform at peak efficiency to achieve the business goals.