Services For Organizations

Accord Career Services LLC …

I work in a collaborative relationship with the key person and management in achieving their strategic objectives and business goals by measurably increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their revenue-generating and/or mission-critical, “Key People.”

My Fundamental Beliefs and Objective…

  • Key People thrive on meeting challenging objectives and receiving  rewards
  • Organizations thrive on achieving strategic goals
  • Our objective is to develop and maintain a mutually productive, win-win match between the Key Person, their work objectives, and the organization

My Commitments…

I promise targeted shifts in profitability and organizational outcomes that impact:

  • Human performance
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Productivity

My Services…

I fulfill on these commitments through our proven, outcome-oriented programs

  • Overview of Services
  • Performance Management
  • Career Management
  • Executive Development
  • Career Transition